Kitchen Manufacturing

Our kitchen manufacturing process involves the manufacturing of both our kitchen and joinery projects on site in Hamilton. We are proud to be able to produce our work in house, this results in a quality product with a handmade touch. The manufacturing process takes around 6-8 weeks from agreement on the design. We will communicate with you throughout the process and keep you up to date with progress and forecasted install dates. We only work with top quality products and take pride in sourcing the latest in materials and hardware.

What we work with:


These products are generally used for drawer fronts and panels. Available in high gloss or super matte finishes, these come in a range of colours and boast the latest technology in decorative panels.


Used for a range of joinery applications including kitchens, vanities and wall panelling. Veneers have become a specialty and are a natural product that offers a combination of warmth and the beauty of real timber. Our veneers are FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council).


Keeping up with emerging trends means coming up with new ideas and ways of utilising different materials. Metals such as brass, steel and copper have been making a statement in the kitchen and interiors industry recently, and we can use these to create splashbacks, panelling, cabinetry and more.

Solid timber

We can machine solid timber for use in various joinery components including bench tops, shelving, and detailing

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